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Georgina's Blog

June 2020

Less a Blog than a Plug for another website

With everyone having been locked down and children being more or less educated at home there has been an upsurge in cases around arrangements for children. Parenting is hard. Co-parenting is that much harder - and often takes a certain amount of gritting of teeth and stepping back from a situation in order to think through what is actually the best for the child and not for you. CAFCASS have recognised that this is a particularly testing time for parents and their children. With school holidays looming, sorting out who goes where and when will have additional stresses if there are vulnerable members of the family and as we remain uncertain about the status of Covid. To that end CAFCASS launched its Co-parenting Hub towards the end of April as a resource for clients. The link to the site is: https://cafcass.clickrelationships.org/what-is-co-parent-hub/?/

The site allows parents to set personal goals, prepare and negotiate an online parenting plan, participate in the online parenting after separation programme 'Getting it Right for Children', and access information about SPIP (Separated Parents Information Programme). It also has information about Mediation which we are always keen to see as well as useful and supporting articles such as Listening to Children. We hope that this is useful for you.