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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential process by which you and your spouse meet together with a qualified mediator to discuss the issues surrounding your separation. You might want to discuss any of the following:

where do the children live?
how often should the children see each parent?
how will I get child support and maintenance?
will I have to sell the marital home?
how do we plan our finances for the future?
how do we divide up any capital or wealth?
what is going to happen to the family home?
what do we do about pensions and other family assets?
what about my future income needs?

Mediation is voluntary. You cannot be forced to attend a joint session but it is an opportunity to:

discuss how you feel and what you want from the break-up in a protected space
express your opinions calmly with a third party present to manage the process
work out differences over money or seeing the children together
talk in a safe and neutral environment
find your own fair solutions that you agree together

While this may sound impossible when you are upset or angry or both, it is surprising what can be achieved in a neutral environment with an impartial mediator present.

The mediator’s role is to create an environment in which you both feel comfortable. The mediator manages the process but cannot:

take sides or give any kind of advice (including legal advice)
make decisions for you
encourage either of you to do something you are not comfortable with

In Mediation there are no ‘winners’ or ‘losers’.

If you are scared of your partner, the mediator can determine in the MIAMS whether it is safe to go ahead in separate rooms possibly or whether mediation is unsuitable.